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Industry 4.0
Smart Manufacturing
Digital Transformation
Digital Twin/Digital Thread
Business Process Automation
Production Process Management
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Require a Product Driven Operations Information System

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Production Process Management is a new way to optimize information management associated with each step in your routing/execution environment. This short overview will provide a high level view of the advantages of PPM and what it could look like in your facility.

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This short article outlines how managing your production orders using a Digital Thread focus can dramatically improve your outcomes. This new way of viewing your operations environment is focused on supporting steps of production using your current information and Digital Thread resources.

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This whitepaper outlines what Digital Thread can do for you. Digital Thread describes the concept of building and maintaining the digital history across the life of the product through engineering design, production/supply chain, and customer use.

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CSI provides a full array of services that range from helping to identify business worthy information system applications and setting strategic objectives through specification development, system implementation and user training.

CSI is an advisory company specializing in managing manufacturing information to maximize your digital objectives. We have seen the evolution to islands of information and have a better approach using workflow concepts to support a product driven information perspective. It is our real-world plant floor and top-level corporate experience that guide us in assisting companies to apply a range of system applications aimed at supporting the best business processes.


Provide the full project management team or be an advisory member of your team

Strategic Overview

Business Process Automation It is time to look past the usual software applications in our plants and think in terms of what data is required to support the most effective manufacturing result based on the product process requirements. The newer concepts include Digital Thread and Production Process Management™ to manage the acquisition and distribution of information between applications across your plant, enterprise or value chain based on workflow technology. Application integration cannot fit this environment. In simple terms, we identify the information requirements based on the production process step to deliver or retrieve data in either automatic or manual increments. The workflow processes are designed to support each production step, build your Digital Thread, and easily evolve to meet operational changes.

Senior Executive Briefings

Production Process Management™ and building your Digital Thread are new ways to look at how you support and manage your plant floor environment. Our professional manufacturing management experience provides a sound foundation to express how these ideas will improve your business. Beginning with a day or two to visit your facilities we are available to share possibilities and specific opportunities might be available. We are not software focused. Rather we are centered on addressing gaps in your manufacturing information management environment and suggesting effective ways to improve.

System Opportunity Assessment

Over the past 30 years, the plant floor information management has made significant strides. Unfortunately, it has also left very large gaps that new initiatives such as Digital Twin/Digital Thread, Smart Manufacturing and Manufacturing 4.0 are aimed at addressing. Our effort is aimed at improving the use of information through a product and process-driven perspective rather than another plant application or more point-to-point application integration. There are better ways that will fully support your digital production information objectives. Visit our whitepaper and blog sections for an overview of Production Process Management™ and digital thread concepts then call us for details on how we can support your efforts.


Our role is to provide guidance and support as a team member or team leader

The mission of Collaboration Synergies Incorporated (CSI) is to assist our clients in the identification, development and deployment of team-centered Production Process Management™ and Digital Thread initiatives. Our role is to provide guidance and support as a team member or team leader to identify opportunities and assist in the development and implementation of information initiatives to meet our client’s objectives.

Why CSI?


Unlike our costly competitors, CSI is affordable and efficient.


No old school practices here. CSI is innovative and always looking to improve processes in innovative ways.

Customer Focused

Our focus is on improving your manufacturing information environment, not on selling software.

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